Bath, Bristol & Banksy | Travel Tuesday


For my dad’s 50th birthday this year, my family and I went down to Bath for a week. I’d never thought about Bath as a holiday destination before, but when we got there I realised that it was actually a very popular place for tourists (and rightly so).

We saw the Royal Crescent and the Roman Baths, which were far more impressive than I could have guessed (I couldn’t get over how much of it had been left how the Roman’s had created it). It was also here that I made the rebellious decision to stick my hand in the water without the security guard seeing, however we were then allowed to drink a cup of the water at the end of the tour – which is something I would not recommend doing because lukewarm water is definitely NOT good for you no matter what the rumours are about Roman Bath water.

My mother and I also forced my dad and brother to go into the Jane Austen museum with us, which actually ended up being a bit of a disappointment – I feel like those sorts of things are set up for non-British tourists who love the idea of 17th/18th Century Britain, rather than people like myself. As well as this, we went to a place just outside of Bath called Cheddar Gorge, which didn’t look like much at first but ended up turning into a 5 hour walk that lasted for miles and miles.

My favourite part of the trip, however, was going to Bristol. I’d never been to Bristol before, but I knew it was the kind of place I’d like as soon as we got there. There was a festival on in the centre of town, street art all over, and of course the Banksy trail to do. All the art galleries and museums were free – which gave the town a cool, cultural vibe that me and my brother loved. And while we were doing the Banksy trail, it was so strange to just walk round a corner and for it to be there on the wall of a random building – it’s the weirdest thing that a famous artist’s work isn’t only displayed in art galleries.

To say I’d never thought about this part of the country before, I was so impressed with how much I liked it. I feel like Bath and Bristol have a unique style to them, like Leeds and Brighton do, and I loved being able to soak it all up. I even went as far as to say to my mum I could see myself living around that area (if it wasn’t for the risk of raising my children with a Somerset accent).


4 thoughts on “Bath, Bristol & Banksy | Travel Tuesday

  1. Have been wanting to go to Bath for ages, the place looks great and I’m a big fan of Banksy too, so I think Bristol is on my list for places to go. Great pics πŸ™‚


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