Fruit picking at Tillington | Travel Tuesday

So after walking all the way to the bus station and sitting there for 10 minutes wondering where on earth the bus had got to, my friends and I finally realised that there are no buses on a Sunday (duh) and decided to get a taxi down Tillington Court Farm to do some fruit picking.

I’d only been strawberry picking once in my life, so I loved getting my own little basket and being able to pick my own fruit. However Tillington was a LOT different to the little strawberry field I had been to when I was younger – the fields went on for ages and you could pick anything from brambles to carrots. We took our own picnic with us and a couple of my friends bought themselves an ice-cream from the little cafe that was there.

After picking as much fruit as we wanted (and taking a little nap at the side of one of the fields), we wandered back through the fields to pay for what we’d picked. To say my basket was pretty full, it only came to around £2.50 for all of it and it all tasted so much better than store bought fruit.

If you’re bored of doing the same thing again and again whenever the weather is nice, picking your own fruit is definitely something I’d recommend doing with your family and friends.


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