The Weir Garden & Hampton Court Garden | Travel Tuesday


At the beginning of August, my friends from uni and I went to visit our friend Caitlin at her house in Hereford. We stayed for a week and spent our time there visiting the places that all that side of the country has to offer. We picked fruit at Tillington (see my post about that here), saw Hampton Court and walked around the Weir Garden.

After getting over the fact a return on a bus costs Β£6 (prices you would never see up north), I really enjoyed seeing what Herefordshire had to offer. The Weir Garden was lovely to spend a few hours – there was a nice place for us to have a picnic and lots of things to take photos of for us to Instagram later.

But my favourite part of the holiday was definitely Hampton Court. Despite getting lost for around half an hour in the maze at the beginning (no thanks to Catherine, who managed to get out before us and then gave us all the wrong directions), we finally made it to the waterfall and through the rest of the forestry bit – where we came across a zipwire that transformed us all into the youngest 20 year-olds on the planet.

The evenings were spent either going out for food or staying in and watching films or playing games. We discovered Dragonology, Wizardology (i.e., the most confusing game ever) and The Croods (a film I would only recommend to those who are able to deal with emotional father-daughter bonding moments without crying).

It was so lovely to be back with the squad after not seeing each other for over two months, and it’s made me look forward to my third year of university even more.




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