A-Line Skirt | What I Wore Wednesday

I’ve started my third year of university again recently and with that came my student loan. And then went my student loan (well, £8 of it anyway) on this lovely corduroy A-Line skirt from Primark.

I’ve been wanting one of these skirts for a while, but considering it’s such a basic piece I couldn’t bring myself to spend £18 on one in New Look or Zara. So when they started selling them in Primark I bought it as soon as I could – you can’t go
wrong with saving £10 right?

Photo: Olivia Peace Photography

What I love about this is that you can wear it with anything – a high necked jumper, a collared shirt, a floaty blouse or a band t-shirt. It works with or without tights, with boots and with a pair of trainers. It’s totally versatile, but my favourite look is definitely going to be when the weather gets colder and I can wear it with my favourite autumn coat, a chunky scarf, cute hat and a pair of ankle boots.

The only downside to this skirt is that it doesn’t fit as well as I wanted it to, I should probably have picked it up in a size smaller. Rather than being tight around my waist so that it sits above my hips, it falls below the smallest part of my waist slightly instead (which can sometimes make me feel like it looks a bit boxy even when I wear something tucked into it). So I’m having to make do with pinning it in at the sides with some hairgrips for now (student life lol).

I feel the best in this skirt when I wear it with my stripey polo jumper (as seen in the photo), some nice silver jewelry and a bold red lip. What’s your favourite way to style this kind of skirt?


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