In Bruges | Travel Tuesday

On the 21st of December I went to Bruges for two days. I live in Hull, and the port here does trips to and from Amsterdam and Bruges for around £80 – so my boyfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to a mini trip away after we finished all our university assignments just before Christmas.

We only got one day in Bruges, from around 9am til 5pm. I was a bit disappointed when I realised this because I wanted to see what the city would be like on a night, however once we got there I quickly decided I was glad we were only there for one day because it was so. bloody. cold.

We decided we wanted to go to all of the places we could that were involved in the filming of In Bruges the film. So we went to the Belfry tower – I seriously underestimated the 366 steps to get to the top (also be prepared for how narrow the staircase gets towards the top), as well as the park and the Basilica of the Holy Blood where I had a look at the dried blood that’s believed to be Jesus’.

We tried to find ‘t Zwart Huis as well, however after about half an hour of looking around and asking various people which direction to go in – we gave up and went for something to eat somewhere else instead. I’m a vegetarian, so couldn’t eat any of the local Flemmish food (for some reason the idea of not eating meat seems to have skipped over Europe bar England). But for anyone who’s interested in trying some of the local cuisine – Flemmish stew is apparently really good.

We also went on a cute little boat ride around the city (for only 7 euros!), which meant we could see the tourist, historical side of the city without having to traipse around for ages. It was also where we met some Australians who assumed, because we were from England, we knew all about what London is like (I didn’t really have the heart to tell them I’m from Yorkshire, and I’ve been to London about twice throughout my whole life).

The thing I liked about Bruges is that – despite being a popular tourist destination – it wasn’t overly expensive, or overly packed. It’s somewhere I’d definitely go back to, but maybe at a warmer time of year so I could look at the map for longer than 30 seconds without my hands turning to ice.


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