16 Things I Learned in 2016

feDespite the fact that I hate how listicles are everywhere nowadays, I didn’t really know how else to write this post. I didn’t want to do a long rambly one where people would lose interest halfway through – plus I have a tendency to get preachy – so I shut myself up by condensing it into 16 bullet points.

  1. No amount of face-masks, expensive toner or face wash can replace drinking enough water and getting enough sleep.

    This is the one for the girls who are fed up of their skin breaking out like they’re on their period every time a deadline comes round.

  2. Chill tf out.

    Put a YouTube video on, light some candles, paint your nails and stop fucking thinking about everything for like 1 hour tops – and then you can go back to worrying.

  3. If somebody wants you in their life – they’ll act like it.

    This applies to romantic and platonic relationships. If someone cares about you enough to keep you around, they’ll contact you. Likewise, if you want someone in your life – contact them (I’m still working on this, self improvement and all that shite).

  4. But no, them contacting you at 3am asking ‘U Up??’ isn’t the same.

    Sure, they want you in their life. But for like an hour so they can shag you. After that they could probs take you or leave you. There’s no shame in this kind of relationship with someone, but just don’t mistake it for genuine affection.

  5. Maybelline sells mascara to end all mascaras.

    You don’t need to spend £20 on Benefit’s Roller Lash when you can spend £6 on Maybelline’s Falsies.

  6. Wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t something to be embarrassed about.

    Take this from the girl who cried her way home from a club alone because she saw a guy she liked leaving with another girl. Feeling ashamed of reacting like that is something I don’t do, because if I let myself be ashamed I definitely wouldn’t have got over it as quickly as I did. Feel your emotions fully – it quickens the healing process (which means you get to the point of being able to take the piss out of who hurt you with your best friend more quickly – basically the only good part of heartbreak).

  7. Awaken, My Love! is the best thing to happen to us all in 2016.

    I called it too early and said it would be Chase & Status’ album – I was wrong.

  8. Eat. Colourful. Food.

    Yes, curry, garlic bread and pasta seems good in the moment when all you’re craving is stodge – but just eat something fresh ffs.

  9. Go out for breakfast.

    It’s nicer than going out for tea imo.

  10. Looks ain’t shit.

    Date someone who makes you laugh annoyingly loud.

  11. A handful of best friends is better than a shitload of acquaintances.

    The amount of shit that happened to me and my friends in 2016 is ridiculous – I genuinely don’t know what any of us would have done without our daily, two hour-long chats about it all.

  12. Think about whether that top will match more than just one pair of jeans before you buy it.

    There’s no point in spending £15 if you are only going to get one outfit out of it.

  13. Take moments to reflect on yourself.

    I had a realisation in 2016 that I have a tendency to assume my way is the right way, but obviously that’s not right at all. Everyone has a way, just because it’s different it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I now try to be less critical of the people closest to me (in short, I’ve stopped “getting on people’s backs” as my boyfriend likes to call it).

  14. Get yourself checked out down there EVERY time you change sexual partner.

    This makes it sound like I got chlamydia this year. I didn’t – but I had a scare that made me rethink the way I approach my sexual health.

  15. Some people are only out for themselves.

    Fuck em. You don’t need that shit. Don’t even bother trying to explain to them that they’re selfish, and definitely don’t waste energy hating them. Because they’re almost definitely not gonna care due to being shoved too far up their own backside.

  16. Rory Gilmore is a fucking terrible human being.

    There was a tiny bit you could say in her defence, and then the Year in the Life episodes happened and nah.It’s gone and it’s never coming back.

So yeah, seems like Kylie Jenner was right when she said 2016 was the “year of realising stuff”. What a bloody poet that woman is.

Tbf though, 2016 wasn’t all bad:

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