Work Experience Outfit Guide

A couple of weeks ago I took part in two weeks’ work experience at a publishing company near my university. I had so much fun learning what each department does and although two weeks was better than one week would have been – it caused a lot of problems vis-a-vis my outfit planning. How on earth was I supposed to look sick af when I only had 3 work experience outfits in my wardrobe? Disaster – but luckily I managed it.

So for anyone with the same problem – here’s how to style yourself for a whole week without reverting back to a waitress-inspired, black on black style.

I decided to put my favourite first. I got these trousers for Christmas with work experience specifically in mind – I think the outfit would still look great without the yellow jumper on top, but considering it was winter I needed an extra layer. Plus the splash of colour makes the outfit that tiny bit nicer, imo.

I wasn’t sure whether a leather skirt was appropriate for a publishing company, but by the fourth day I was tired of wearing trousers all the time so I went for it. By combining in with this lovely high-necked jumper I got from my parents for Christmas, I think it looks laid-back but still work appropriate.

You can tell I was getting a bit bored of doing the same poses here – which I why I opted for the creepy stalker look. I bought this shirt about a year ago but only wear it occasionally – I don’t know why because I love the pinstripes. You can’t really tell here, but the jeans are a dark khaki green colour. Jeans were, again, a risk – but I think the fact they are coloured makes them look a lot smarter.

I bought these trousers before Christmas – they’re a dark grey colour. I thought they worked well with the brown/orange jumper which made for a more comfy outfit. I wore this when it was so cold outside that I thought my hands were genuinely going to freeze off.

I came up with this outfit idea when I watched an episode of Strictly Come Dancing and Louise Redknapp wore something similar. However, I definitely didn’t wear these clothes with these peep-toe shoes because it was so cold I wouldn’t have had any toes by the end of the day. But now the weather is getting warmer I’m sure you guys could give it a go (I dare ya).

Doing work experience is really daunting – but once I’m in the office and I’ve met the people I’m working with I find I tend to relax. I had some really good feedback from the company I worked with, and it’s made me even more excited to go out into the “world of work” (to put it cheesily) once I graduate.

But for those of you who are still shitting it, here’s a few photos to let you know nobody ever always has it together:

Stunning as per.


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