Yellow Jumpers & Turtleneck Tops | What I Wore Wednesday

For a long time now I’ve being trying to perfect the art of layering one jumper over the other, but now with the rise of the adorable flute sleeves/jumper combination, I decided that I should probably just go for it and hope for the best.

I wish that I could say that I came up with this outfit idea after looking in my wardrobe and getting a wave of inspiration because I’m just so #stylish, but it actually came about because I was freezing in my poorly-heated student house and just decided to whack one jumper on over another.


But then I looked in the mirror and actually realised that it worked quite well (it gives me Harry Koisser vibes). So I didn’t exactly “perfect” the art, I just sort of fluked it. But to be fair, I think the majority of my fashion successes happen by accident these days.

I added the belt to tie it all together (and, y’know, stop my jeans falling down) as well as my favourite gold watch that I treated myself to a couple of weeks back. And because this outfit feels more cutesy, I loosely curled my hair and popped it into a half-in half-out ponytail, added a khaki green slouchy backpack and my Vans trainers.

We’ve even had nice enough weather in the UK recently for me to be able to wear it without aΒ coat. However, when the weather forgets that it is actually the middle of March, it still looks pretty sick with a leather jacket over the top.


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