Other People’s Clothes & Floral Trousers | What I Wore Wednesday

A change in season always feels like I need to change up my wardrobe. However, being a student I can’t exactly afford new clothes every single time the sun decides to show itself. Plus – despite the fact it’s the beginning of May already – the sun is noticeably absent, meaning half the clothes I want to start wearing aren’t really appropriate.


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Included in the “what I want to start wearing” bracket is these cherry blossom printed trousers. I bought them around this time last year from New Look and they’re still probably one of the favourite items of clothing I own. The jumper is actually my boyfriend’s – I rolled up the sleeves and tucked it into the trousers to give this kind of slouchy-yet-fashionable aesthetic (or at least I’d like to think that’s the kind of aesthetic I give off).

This outfit is great for the kind of weather England is experiencing at the moment (I say that with absolute conviction, after wearing it outside the house a grand total of one time). I teamed it with a pair of black boots with chunky heels and the rose gold watch I wear with just about every single outfit I think is stylish. And I reckon it would look sick on an evening with a leather jacket and a little black clutch bag if I’m ever going somewhere fancy (although in Lincoln that’s highly doubtful).


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