Goals for A/W 2017.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had sooooo many things I want to do with my life. At the age of 14 it was sorting out my bad skin, at the age of 16 it was starting up my blog and writing posts on the reg, at 19 it was getting fit and healthy after my first year of uni was spent drinking mostly vodka and eating cheesy mashed potato.

Fast-forward to now and some of my goals are still the same as 5 years ago: blogging and sorting out my skin especially (which I will go through in another blog post, just because I love whinging about how unlucky I am with my complexion).

But I have other goals, too. Some are slightly bigger and more long-term now that I’ve left home and have a job. But others are still minor changes that I want to make to improve my lifestyle. Either way, I’ve decided the last few months of 2017 are the ones that I’m going to start implementing these changes. Watch this space.

  1. Stop picking at my ears & thumbs (ew).

    I don’t know when I started doing this, but I pick at the skin around my ears and finger nails. It’s proper gross and I think a lot of people notice (and luckily politely pretend they haven’t seen), so I’m trying to stop myself being such a disgusting excuse for a human. While at work I’ve started fiddling with a pen so that my hands are kept busy, but I’m still struggling with it when I’m out in public.
    If you have any tips or advice for this sort of thing, please let me know – maybe I need a fidget spinner.

  2. Practice mindful meditation/yoga/sleep hypnosis.

    In the past month I’ve started listing to Michael Searly on YouTube in order to sleep better. The videos of his that I listen to the most are his deep sleep ones and his sleep hypnosis for getting rid of negative thoughts. I’ve found them to help a lot, and I’ve always been an on/off yoga goer so I’d like to find some kind of routine for me to do before bedtime/as part of a workout (because unfortunately when my boyfriend and I sleep in the same bed he isn’t as keen on listening to Michael Searly “calmly guiding you to your best sleep”, I dunno why).

  3. Stop dwelling on the past.

    Whoa, getting a bit deep here soz. Since finishing uni and starting my internship, which is roughly 9-5 Monday to Friday, I have a lot of spare time. Time that can often result in me thinking about things that have already happened that I wish I could change. But, like Rafiki said to Simba, you can’t change the past (I’m so lame I’m so sorry). So I’m trying to stop dwelling on it so much, because it only makes me angry/sad/frustrated.

  4. Start (and keep on) running.

    This is connected to the above point, as running can help distract me/motivate me to focus on the present. However, I also want to keep running because I’ve randomly become one of those people who feels good after they go for a run. I don’t know whether its the endorphin’s or if I’m just bored of working out in a sweaty, gross gym, but I’m finding running to be a nice use of my time.

  5. Spend more on food shopping.

    It’s like 4pm on a Sunday and I have decided that I am just done with budgeting my food shop. Obvs I’m not gonna go crazy and buy everything that Lidl stocks, but I am trying to step away from the part of me that thinks I’m still at uni and spend more than £20 a week on food. Because I fucking love food.

  6. Sort out my wardrobe.

    I put this down in my phone a few weeks ago when I was planning out blog posts and now that I have come to writing this, I’ve already sorted my wardrobe out! Last week!! Go me – I can now look at it without feeling like I want to rip my eyes out because nothing is in the right place or folded nicely (look, I finished uni and it took me all of 4.3 seconds to become a middle aged woman who worries about this stuff. Don’t judge me).

  7. Go cruelty-free.

    This may take a while because I’m going cruelty-free in terms of my cosmetics first and then my wardrobe – and I’m also doing it gradually. This means that it’s only when I run out of things that I replace them with something cruelty-free. So even though I may run out of shampoo pretty quickly, I don’t use foundation or bronzer everyday meaning I still have makeup and other things that aren’t animal friendly. But I’m working on it.

So there we have it – my main goals for the next few months. Now I’ve written it down I have to do it.


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