Things I discovered in 2017


Being out of university and in a job meant I had a lot more “me” time during the last half of the year – not to mention (albeit only slightly) more money too. Less time on essays and more time on trying things out led me to discovering some pretty cool things in 2017…

  1. The Netflix show “Easy”

    I’ve tried watching things like Fargo and Making a Murderer, but it’s just not the same as being able to put on a 30 minute episode of something that makes you laugh along with being really interesting. “Easy” explores a diverse range of  relationships. Sexual, not sexual, everywhere in between; from a married couple using Tinder to find a third-party for a threesome to a friendship between a young student and a middle-aged artist who refuses to believe his work is similar to her “selfie art”. It’s different to anything I’ve watched this year.

  2. The Body Shop’s seaweed range

    Did you know I’m dealing with bad skin atm? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it enough… Anyway, it’s safe to say this range has been my absolute saving grace for the past few months, it controls my shine and reduces spots without drying out my skin – perfecto.

  3. Running/jogging

    I champion “do what you love” when it comes to exercise, so when I started falling out of love with my regular exercise routine I decided to switch things up a bit and try jogging long distances. I started interval training, and now can run for 20-30 minutes without feeling like I’m gonna die (yes, I would like a medal thank you). My goal is to run a 10k.

  4. The colour yellow

    Yellow flowers, yellow nail polish, yellow bedsheets, yellow jumpers, yellow candles… Long may my obsession continue in 2018.

  5. Purple lipstick

    I bought some purple lipstick at the beginning of the year and didn’t touch it until about March because I thought it made me look “too gothy” – but seriously who gives a shit? Just wear the fucking purple lipstick, Becky.

  6. Sleep hypnosis

    This has become a necessary part of my daily routine since I started working. I listen to Michael Sealey to get me to sleep whenever I’m in bed alone (my boyfriend straight out refused to listen to it with me). I particularly love his deep sleep & negativity release routines.

  7. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

    I’ve owned this book for around 5 years and only just got round to reading it. No way I describe it will do it justice – but I am in love with every single character in that book the way that Evelyn Couch is in love with the people of Whistle Stop.

  8. “Ctrl” by SZA

    For the last two months of 2017, I’ve been committed to finding new music rather than hoping to stumble across songs that I like. New music makes me so happy – there’s nothing better than finding a banger to have on repeat for the next 3 days. SZA’s album “Ctrl” has been that for me since I discovered it at the beginning of December; the woman is an absolute queen.

What things have you discovered in 2017? Let me know in the comments!

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