In search of gumption…


Recently I feel like I have hit a brick wall. I’ve decided I want to leave my job, move to a bigger city and experience something different and more exciting.


Things I discovered in 2017


Being out of university and in a job meant I had a lot more “me” time during the last half of the year – not to mention (albeit only slightly) more money too. Less time on essays and more time on trying things out led me to discovering some pretty cool things in 2017…

Goals for A/W 2017.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had sooooo many things I want to do with my life. At the age of 14 it was sorting out my bad skin, at the age of 16 it was starting up my blog and writing posts on the reg, at 19 it was getting fit and healthy after my first year of uni was spent drinking mostly vodka and eating cheesy mashed potato.

What I Learned During Dry January


I’ve always been a fan of drinking. When I finally reached the age where my dad started letting me take more than one Smirnoff Ice to the “parties” my friends used to throw, I would always take any opportunity I could to get at least tipsy and have a good time with my pals.

When I got to the age of 18, where I could legally drink in clubs and bars, I wanted to be out every weekend with my friends. And then when I got to university, I found myself in the bizarre situation of being able to go out almost every night of the week because, and here comes the most frequently spoken sentence in of anyone at university, “first year doesn’t count”.

The Weir Garden & Hampton Court Garden | Travel Tuesday



At the beginning of August, my friends from uni and I went to visit our friend Caitlin at her house in Hereford. We stayed for a week and spent our time there visiting the places that all that side of the country has to offer. We picked fruit at Tillington (see my post about that here), saw Hampton Court and walked around the Weir Garden.

Fruit picking at Tillington | Travel Tuesday


So after walking all the way to the bus station and sitting there for 10 minutes wondering where on earth the bus had got to, my friends and I finally realised that there are no buses on a Sunday (duh) and decided to get a taxi down Tillington Court Farm to do some fruit picking.