Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur | Review

PSA: This “review” isn’t going to do this book justice.

The friend who recommended Milk and Honey to me (who’s review of it you can read here) and I sat around one night discussing how we weren’t sure how to talk about Rupi Kaur’s poetry on our blogs. We both knew we wanted to review it – we just didn’t know how, because anything we wrote about it wouldn’t be written the way we wanted it to be.

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There’s more to Jane Austen’s writing than just the love stories.

Source: John Lodder, Flickr.

I have been a huge Jane Austen fan for as long as I can remember. Sense & Sensibility is one of my favourite books, and Henry Tilney is the literary love of myΒ life.

This love is something that I share with alot of people – however I always feel like my fondness for the author is different to those that I have spoken to about it.

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