What I Learned During Dry January

I’ve always been a fan of drinking. When I finally reached the age where my dad started letting me take more than one Smirnoff Ice to the “parties” my friends used to throw, I would always take any opportunity I could to get at least tipsy and have a good time with my pals.

When I got to the age of 18, where I could legally drink in clubs and bars, I wanted to be out every weekend with my friends. And then when I got to university, I found myself in the bizarre situation of being able to go out almost every night of the week because, and here comes the most frequently spoken sentence in of anyone at university, “first year doesn’t count”.

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Things You Should Know if Your Friend Suffers from Mental Health Problems

It’s estimated that 1 in 6 people worldwide have, in the past week, experienced a common mental health problem – be that a panic attack, a bout of depression or behaviour that is symptomatic of OCD. In the UK, between 4 and 10 percent of people have depression and mixed anxiety & depression are said to be the cause of 1/5 of Brits missing work.

With these stats in mind, it’s safe to assume that the majority of people have at least one close friend who suffers from mental health problems. I am one of these people, and although I’m aware that other people’s mental health is not about me at all, I know what it’s like to be the only (for lack of a better word) “stable” one out of my friends.

My pals’ mental health has really come to the forefront of our conversations over the last year or so (thanks again, 2016). Because of this, my understanding of how to be there for someone who suffers with their mentality has improved a great deal.

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10 Things You Need To Stop Saying to Bisexuals

So are you like, 70% girls and 30% guys or the other way around?

Interesting you should ask that, because my sexuality is actually 100% none of your business.


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Give viewers more credit | the #spon debate

Talk about brand deals on YouTube has been going on for years, ever since YouTube got big enough for YouTubers to be classed as “famous” and for there to be a tween magazine dedicated to the life of various video creators like Zoella, Marcus Butler and Tanya Burr.

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Women & their wardrobes

It’s a well-known saying that women take forever in the bathroom and stand in front of a full rack of clothes exclaiming ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’ And although I feel that this opinion is outdated, irrelevant, exaggerated, and, well, sexist – I can’t ignore that, for the girls who do live up to this stereotype, there is a perfectly good reason for it. And it actually comes from the way they have been  brought up to view themselves.

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There’s more to Jane Austen’s writing than just the love stories.

Source: John Lodder, Flickr.

I have been a huge Jane Austen fan for as long as I can remember. Sense & Sensibility is one of my favourite books, and Henry Tilney is the literary love of my life.

This love is something that I share with alot of people – however I always feel like my fondness for the author is different to those that I have spoken to about it.

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