Work Experience Outfit Guide

A couple of weeks ago I took part in two weeks’ work experience at a publishing company near my university. I had so much fun learning what each department does and although two weeks was better than one week would have been – it caused a lot of problems vis-a-vis my outfit planning. How on earth was I supposed to look sick af when I only had 3 work experience outfits in my wardrobe? Disaster – but luckily I managed it.

So for anyone with the same problem – here’s how to style yourself for a whole week without reverting back to a waitress-inspired, black on black style.

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10 self care tips for new university students

1. Create your own space

The stereotype of any university bedroom is for there to be posters. Posters everywhere. I wouldn’t put it past some uni students to put posters in their en-suite bathrooms if I’m being honest. And although it might seem cliche, and you might be one of those weird people who hates cliches – a cliche is a cliche for a reason. Putting up posters, photos of your family and friends, bringing cushions and a blanket for your bed, and some stuff to put on the desk genuinely does turn a room that has belonged to hundreds of other people’s into a room that belongs to you.

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The Weir Garden & Hampton Court Garden | Travel Tuesday


At the beginning of August, my friends from uni and I went to visit our friend Caitlin at her house in Hereford. We stayed for a week and spent our time there visiting the places that all that side of the country has to offer. We picked fruit at Tillington (see my post about that here), saw Hampton Court and walked around the Weir Garden.

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