Becky walking through trees past the River Rhine holdng an umbrella

A long weekend in Düsseldorf


One of my new year’s resolutions for this year was to travel solo. As my boyfriend was on a three-week trip to Indonesia this August, I decided that this was my opportunity to fulfil that resolution by taking a trip to Germany.

But, after mentioning it to a friend, she decided that she’d like to come along with me. So I don’t think I’ll fulfil my resolution this year – but it did make the trip a lot more fun.

Me in a golf buggy giving a thumbs up

A week in Gozo and Malta


Towards the end of June, my friends and I spent a week in Xlendi, Gozo. If Malta is the “little island near Italy” then Gozo is “the even littler island at the top of Malta”. It is teeny tiny, but a quiet week away is exactly what we wanted.

How to spend a few days in the Scottish Highlands


In May my boyfriend, his family and I spent a few days in the Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands.

It was my first time time going that far up north, having only ever visited Glasgow and Balado (for a festival lol) before. I was really excited to spend my time in a cute little cottage in the middle of nowhere, going for really long walks – a bit of a step away from wanting to get drunk and dance until my feet hurt at a festival.

Getting back into beauty


Birmingham literature festival took place in October, bringing with it the opportunity to hear from Caitlin Moran, Sali Hughes and Lauren Laverne – so naturally I jumped at the chance.

Going along to see these women in conversation with each other, I fully expected to come out fangirling (as always) over how incredible they are. And I did. But something else I came out with was much less expected – the decision that I was going to get back into beauty and makeup.

Boy stood looking out at the sea

Shock announcement: Couples don’t have to do everything together


A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend went on holiday to Mexico. He was gone for two and half weeks, staying in hostels along the coast before finishing off – the jammy shit that he is – by getting put in a 5* hotel by the flight company after they cancelled his plane.

I, on the other hand, stayed in England. I worked 9 til 5, Monday to Friday, and spent time with my friends on the weekend.

Book and to do list next to laptop on a desk with a pen

In defense of having a routine and sticking to it


I’m opening this post with the biggest oxymoron ever: I am pragmatic at heart. I have always thought in terms of logistics – how I can get things done and what is manageable/unmanageable within a certain time frame.

At an early age, it was deciding when I went to bed (always around 10.30 on a school or work night) and what time I got dressed on weekends (always before 11am unless I’m allowing myself a lazy day). In recent years it’s been deciding what I want to eat for tea, when to schedule my blog posts and when I’m going to go to the gym.

Skin products that are saving me this winter


Winter is a harsh season for your body. One of the best things you can treat yourself to during the cold whether is a daily/weekly skin routine – morning and evening, pre- and post- makeup. I’m not talking loads of products that all claim to do lots of different things – that’s a) expensive and b) exhausting. Who on earth wants to take 30 minutes out of their day to apply 100 products when they’ve been at work all day?